Hello my name is Eve Robinson – welcome to my website!

I am the only Kennel Club assured breeder of Weimaraner’s in the UK with 50 years experience within the breed, who’s lines remain unbroken since 1971.

My dogs and puppies are purebred with no ‘Blue in their in heritage whatsoever. Being the oldest living U,K Breeder I know the bloodlines to avoid and those to use. Many breeders now have ‘mixed’ bloodlines from imports of the ‘Colour not recognised Blue Weimaraner’, originating from crossbreeding in the U.S.A.

The ‘Mother’ Club in Germany has stated that the breed colour is ‘Grey’ lighter shade is preferred, any other colour is not a pedigree Weimaraner.

Now an established and respected affix, I am proud of producing all round dogs of excellent type and temperament for family life, as well as show and working dogs.

‘Hollieseast’ bred puppies are living and have lived all over the UK, Europe and Australia.

The following pages show pictures of my dogs past and present. All homebred and descended from my very first male Weimaraner, (purchased in 1971), from the late Mrs Joan Matuszewska owner of the famous ‘Monroe’s’ Affix and Kennel.

Joan was one of the three original “Founding fathers” Weimaraner kennels established in the UK during the 1950s, when the breed came into Britain from Germany.

I bred my first litter in 1977, the affix ‘Hollieseast’ was granted then by The Kennel Club and was the name of the house where the very first litter was born.