Terrag Heliose of Hollieseast


Terrag Heliose of Hollieseast
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Über Chic

Zoe, my foundation Bitch.

Sadly, there are no photos to show this very special girl.

A daughter of my very first Weimaraner, pet name ‘Jake bred by Mrs Joan Matuszewska, I chose her as my stud fee for the only litter ever sired by my dog.

‘Zoe went on to become the start of my long association of breeding family companions of temperament, quality and conformation to the existing breed standard.

As the foundation to my line, I could never have wished for a better brood bitch.

Her puppies were sired by my other male ‘Otto (Grinshill Gay Bachelor) who had the most fantastic temperament and enjoyed the show ring from early on.

Between these two,  Zoe and Otto produced wonderful examples of what was to become my ” One and only lifetime Breed”,