Hollieseast Memories

Remembering our beloved dogs - no longer with us having passed away. They will never be forgotten. All have taken a piece of our heart with them.

Terrag Heliose of Hollieseast
Monroe's Ulrich X Siverglance Aria
Über Chic

Zoe, my foundation Bitch. Sadly, there are no photos to show this very special girl. A daughter of… Learn more

Hollieseast Dolly Delectus (Cherri)
Sh Ch. Greyfilk Knightsman x Terrag Heloise of Hollieseast
Über Chic

A daughter of Zoë – Cherri was my husband Keith’s introduction to Weimaraners. We both hold wonderful memories… Learn more

Hollieseast Über Chic (Biba)
Sh.Ch. Sharnphilly Awesome J.W. ShCm X Hollieseast Sahnenkirsche
Über Chic

Biba is the matriarch now in our canine family. Born in June 2012 - she is the daughter… Learn more