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Here at ‘Hollieseast’ we are very proud of the quality puppies we breed.

As members of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain we adhere to the breeding ‘Code of Ethics’. Our bitch’s whelp no more than 3 litters in their lifetime and will not be bred from before the age of 2 or after the age of 7. We only ever have one brood bitch at a time – and they stay with us to enjoy their retirement. They are never re-homed at the end of their breeding lives – we abhor this practice.

Every puppy that we breed is very special to us and so we are very thorough in our task of finding him or her the right family.

Part of this process is constant observation of the litter on a daily basis to help us place the right puppy with the right family. The other part is to meet all the prospective owners to learn about their lives, circumstances and experience with dogs.

Our pups retain their natural tail and ‘dewclaws – the original breed standard called for tails to be docked and dewclaws removed, however since the docking ban became law in 2007, our pups keep what “God gave them”.

Research into tail docking and dewclaw removal, has shown that this procedure was traumatic and painful, therefore is no longer a requirement within the UK breed standard.

We also receive puppy enquiries from overseas and there are Hollieseast-bred dogs living in Europe and the Far East. Please note, however, that the criteria remains the same as any of our other puppy enquiries, with the prospective owners coming to our home to meet us and our dogs, before a final decision is made.

Each litter is carefully planned and the puppies are reared entirely in the house. Before they leave us to go to their new homes they have already received some important socialisation and experienced the ‘every day’ sights and sounds that they will encounter in their new home environment, such as visitors, family and children and the noise of kitchen and home appliances. As well as mixing with our older dogs, the puppies are also taken on short car rides. This, in addition to playing with their litter mates, are all important aspects of their early development, providing a sound foundation for their future.

We are dedicated to ‘Natural Rearing’ with our litters, this means they are raised on a Raw Food diet (Biological Appropriate Raw Food) B.A.R.F information can be found on the internet and is the way dogs, as carnivores, should be fed.

We also advocate natural vaccination by homeopathic nosodes, not chemical vaccination or chemical flea, tick treatments which are carcinogenic and can kill your pet.

Information is available on this site; Canine Health Concern – Natural Healthcare est. 1994

Our puppies will only go to homes and families that understand and who will adhere to our believes and practices.

Hollieseast puppies are sold with: 

We provide LIFELONG HELP and SUPPORT to all our puppy buyers. We are always on hand with advice or help whenever needed. Please do not hesitate to call.