Welcome to Hollieseast Weimaraners!



As a longstanding and highly reputable Kennel Club Assured breeder (with all 3 accolades and UKAS Certification), I provide ongoing help, information and life-long support on every ‘Hollieseast’ bred puppy.

Also, under the newly installed “Lucy’s Law” brought in to protect the public against the horrendous and unscrupulous un-registered breeding practices here in UK, I am now registered with my local council and have achieved 5Star rating – the highest grading given under the “Breeding of Companion Animals” act now in place.

As a child living in London, I grew up longing to have a dog. We had a succession of cats at home, but as we lived in a mews house, I couldn’t have a dog due to the lack of a garden for puppy toilet training. Also, my parents and my siblings, were not at all Canine orientated! I had to wait until I had a home of my own as an adult, before I could fulfil my ambition.

My children were aged 5 and 8 at the time, and I knew very little about the breed back then, but I was young, keen, and wanted to learn as much as I could about this unusual dog that had become such a part of our family. Luckily as I had never had another breed to compare with, I took it all in my stride, and became addicted! Now 50 years later, my life centres around enjoying my homebred Weimaraner’s, and my dogs are so much a part of my life, that I shall probably still have them when I’m in a zimmer frame!

The Weimaraner is not a difficult dog to own, but he is different! One needs to understand that they are a special dog and can be quite a challenge, generally people either love the breed totally, or hate them! This is not a dog to be middling about.

They are so versatile, belonging to the HPR (hunt, point, retrieve) subgroup of gundogs. The Weimaraner can be anything you want him to be – a family companion as a loving well-trained pet, a rough shooting companion trained to the gun, he may end up in the show ring, should you choose this hobby as I used to!

There are also working trials and tests, as well as ‘fun days’ to enjoy, these events are run by the 4 breed clubs in the U.K. As long as the Weimaraner is kept mentally stimulated, he will become a much-loved family addition.