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About me and my breeding ethics

I was born and grew up in Hampstead North London.

When an adult and married with two children living in Hertfordshire, the time came to think about having a family dog, it was my (then) husband who came home from work in London one day, declaring he’d seen this incredible dog walking down Regent Street with its owner. Smitten at first sight, he was informed by the owner that the dog was a ‘Weimaraner’.

The following day having contacted the kennel club, I found just 2 litters available in the UK.

Remember, this was 1971 and the breed was still on the ‘rare import’ list then. Living in Hertfordshire, we decided to visit the litter in Hampshire so arrangements were made with the breeder to visit the following weekend. My very first introduction with the breed took place at Joan Matuszewska’s home in Tichfield Abbey, Hampshire and it was then, I also became smitten!

My dream came true when we brought home the very first puppy I had ever had in my life!

My interest extended to taking a ‘canine studies course’ at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire (now an Equine Centre), covering all aspects of canine psychology and physiology.

Now here I am 50 years later, having bred 27 litter’s in that time and as very dear friends have said, “touched the hearts of so many people with an Hollieseast puppy”.

I judge the breed at open show level and my late beloved husband Keith (whom I married in 1988) was on the committee of the Weimaraner club of Great Britain and also trophy steward for many years, before ill-health forced him to retire.

A chartered engineer by profession, he could always spot a good example of the breed, at the many shows we attended together including exhibiting at Cruft’s – we both enjoyed the successes our dogs brought to our affix.

Keith is missed not only by me, but by many puppy buyers who met him at our homes when coming to visit a litter or to collect their puppy.

I now live in a pretty rural village by the sea, in North West Norfolk with my son who is a great help to me, looking after our current three Weimaraner girls, mother ‘Biba’ and her two daughters ‘Vivie’ and ‘Esme’.

Both my son and myself have the interest and welfare of this wonderful breed at heart.

Photo of my son Jeremy

Our breeding stock are all hip scored.

There are however other important characteristics of the breed that should be taken into consideration i.e. temperament, overall confirmation and movement, coat colour texture, and eye shape.

There’s no point in having a low hip score if the dog does not possess the other attributes.

All our litter’s are carefully planned and we take great pride in the fact that our bitches have produced quality silver grey puppies, so desired within the Weimaraner breed.

It is quite usual for us to have a waiting list, In advance of any puppies born and enquiries are dealt with personally as they come.

Our current bitches come from a long line of championship winning stock and have had success at winning at Championship as well as Breed only shows.

It’s an important fact when looking for a puppy to ‘show’ that the parents are consistent show winners and have proved themselves competing against their peers in the show ring and are capable of producing quality pups.

With enquiries for the puppy to be the family pet, it’s still nice to know the pup comes from award-winning stock.

Over the past 50 years, I have owned and or bred a multi European champion, Slovakian champion, two Australian champions, CC and reserve CC winners as well as Junior Warrant holders, plus KC stud book entries.

Many of our puppies go to families with school age children who have other pets including rabbits, cats and guinea pigs.

If the puppy is introduced to another animal in the family whilst still a baby, it will accept without question, as part of the pack.

One of our greatest pleasures is to be contacted by a previous puppy buyer wanting to add to their canine family, as the pedigree will show their present or past companions.

All our litter’s are reared in the home with the greatest care and attention upon the welfare and well-being of the mother and puppies.

Emphasis is on the development with the human family, with whom they are going to live and Hopefully spend the rest of their lives.