Hollieseast Dolly Delectus (Cherri)


Hollieseast Dolly Delectus (Cherri)
Sh Ch. Greyfilk Knightsman x Terrag Heloise of Hollieseast
Über Chic

A daughter of Zoë – Cherri was my husband Keith’s introduction to Weimaraners. We both hold wonderful memories of this lovely girl, and her gentle ways with ducks, cats, rabbits and other animals! Without her my life would not have been the same.

During her youth, she spent more than 4 years with me living in the Middle East (Kuwait) where she was loved and admired by the ex-pat community living there, and always accompanied us on our ‘Fridays’ to the beach. She was very, very special.

Cherri was the mother of Pippa and with the birth of this litter sired by Risinglark Raincheck, I was able to continue my line, which would have died out with out her existence. To Cherri, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude, which can never be repaid. She lived to be nearly 12 years of age.